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Are you ready for your own Film?

FoliX Films – The little company for moving pictures


We create moving motion pictures to actually move people – your clients

FoliX Films’ main aim is to present YOUR business, hotel, leisure activity or even your destination of holidaying or recreation in a cost-efficient package that can really be “experienced” by your clients – on the internet, on DVD as well as during exhibitions or trade-fairs.

The presentation of your specific product//offer in the form of moving motion pictures is becoming more and more feasible and therefore ever increasingly important. Just a few years ago one had to wait “forever” to download just one webpage with photos, whereas today, even film presentations are freely accessible.

Photos can be very attractive –  moving pictures, however, are far superior in creating and conveying emotions and ambiance, even more so when supported by sound – like speech and music.

Film is the ultimate media of transmitting a message and at the same time involving the recipient – YOUR CLIENT.

Who wouldn’t prefer to enjoy an intensive “reality tour” of their hotel or holiday destination of choice before actually booking it?

We produce marketing films professionally by applying creativity and new avenues of approach and solutions, which prove to be more flexible and efficient than the traditional use of extensive human and material resources.

Our operation is streamlined to professional 2-man teams with adequate modern equipment rather than maintaining costly machine and car pools or representative office premises which would ultimately have to be paid for by our clients

FoliX Films aim to promote OUR CLIENTS rather than ourselves

Have a look at our image-product- or travel film examples – another entertaining TV film (ZDF Germany) called “Splettrhex” (supported with english subtitels) you will find on You Tube

Are you ready for your own Film now? Get in contact with us!